En engelsk-oppgave:

«Once upon a time there was a very old fisherman who lived in a cave near the sea. Every day he went out in his little boat to catch fish. But one day something terrible happened….»
When he were about to throw out he’s net, suddenly a giant fish came up from the water. “I will eat you!” it said while it flew over the boat and then back into the sea. That was strange, thought the fisherman, I must have fallen asleep and dreamt it. Later that day the fish appeared in the water surface. “Fight me!” it said and then it ate the fisherman.
The fisherman got into the stomach where it was dark and scary. I’ve got to dig my way out, he thought. And so he did. After 10 minutes of hard digging in the side of the fish the water flashed into the stomach. The fisherman jumped out of the fish and swam to the surface. As he reached the air he thought: I wonder how much such a fish would have cost, I could never afford to buy it.
He saw that the boat was not far away and he swam towards it. When he got to it he saw that one of the oars was gone. Hm, he wondered, it must have been eaten buy the fish to.
But the dangers weren’t over jet. Suddenly a new and bigger fish appeared! It attacked the bout from beneath. The boat flew into the air and the poor fisherman fell overboard.
“Help! Help!” he screamed, but for no use. The fish was over him the next second. Oh! What a mess, he thought. What shall I do now? Maybe I can burn my way out? And so he did. One of he’s matches was still dry, so he set fire on one of he’s shoes. I think maybe it will do to burn the uvula of the fish! He climbed up the fish’s throat and then he found the uvula. Whit he’s shoe on fire he burnt the uvula of the fish until it was forced to open its mouth. Then the fisherman jumped out and swam to the surface.
When he came home that day he found that he would never fish in anything but small pounds for the rest of he’s life.